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Association Minds
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Association Minds is a new initiative dedicated to empowering and progressing associations from all sectors by working collaboratively on an association challenge or project. Together you will work towards a solution or resolution to the challenge or project, utilising the collective knowledge and experience of you and your peers.


To work with an association and help them progress a project or challenge in just 3 hours. There's no promise to the project-owner of a resolution or solution, however there is an expectation of expertise, energy, knowledge-share and enthusiasm.


AAE invites associations to put forward a brief, outlining a project or challenge prior to the Congress in December. Two or 3 briefs are chosen to work on in the Association Minds' sessions.

If you decide you'd like to take part as one of the collective minds, you'll receive notification of the project or challenge a week before Association Minds at the Congress.

Examples of projects or challenges could be anything from how to better engage members online, to an entire association re-brand, to optimising a member journey on a website, to planning a global conference. 

In the 3-hour session, you and other association executives plan, develop, discuss, and get to work on the project to try to find a solution or resolution to the challenge. 


By the end of the session, the groups get together and talk through the work that's been completed.

Opportunity for the association:

This is a fantastic opportunity for your association to get help from your peers to solve or progress a project or challenge within your organisation.  Use their collective expertise and experience to move your organisation forward.

Opportunity for you: 

You get to spend time working with other experienced association executives. Discover how they work, how they approach problem-solving, or how they approach team working. You will learn from each-other and glean insights into your own association. You may end up working on a project that you would never normally have the opportunity to be involved with. 

Get in touch:

If you have a project or challenge, email with a brief outline of the idea. Don't forget that Association Minds takes place in December so it's important that you present an idea that is relevant at that date. 

If you want to take part in Association Minds as a collective mind, also email and let her know. 

This is a unique and very exciting new initiative by AAE. 

Thank you for your support.









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