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Do you look good on social media?

25 January 2017   (0 Comments)
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Social media is one of the biggest revolutions of modern times, , changing the way we communicate on a daily, even hourly, basis. 

Social media networks are busy, crammed full of information that your members need to sift through. The biggest question today is how can you make sure your association and your content is getting enough attention via your social media networks? 

It’s not just about making noise, getting more followers and sharing GIFs. You must plan your content and your approach. 

In 2017 there will doubtless be many changes, updates and disruptions to social media and whilst this may seem daunting, in reality it’s an opportunity. 

To make sure you are in a position to optimise this opportunity, now is the time to get your house in order. Take a few minutes to go back to basics and think about what good looks like on social media. 

What does good look like?

The Women’s Engineering Society (WES)

Firstly, their #NWED campaign. This campaign was hugely successful. Dawn Bonfield the CEO put her heart and soul into it and it had an impressive effect. Given the tweet currently pinned to their twitter profile it is clearly a hugely important campaign!

Going beyond the campaign and looking at their twitter feed, this also provides us with a strong example of best practice. Their content is structured and articulate, a mix of visual and text tweets combining branding as well as relevant curated content. 

@WES1919 is, in our opinion a good example of best practice. 

Our only critique would be the quality of the profile background picture  - could be better! ?

The British Dietetic Association

Another example of best practice is the British Dietetic Association. Again their twitter feed provides a mix of visual and text content. It includes created and curated material,  providing their members with an engaging selection of relevant content. 

Their profile branding is clear and concise and whilst there are subtle cues to their membership and their products there is no evidence of heavy selling. 

For an example of a campaign spearheaded by them have a look at #DieticiansWeek. This clearly engaged members and non-members alike and again it’s a very important issue. 

With both of these you can also see that they are posting regularly and are clearly testing different times to see when their users respond best. Are you doing this? 

How do you feel about your channels?

Are they following best practice? Are you posting the right content? Are you posting enough? Too much? Are you talking about yourself too much? 

Look at your channels. Are you posting interesting and engaging content twice a day on Facebook and LinkedIn, are you posting six relevant posts on twitter each day and engaging as often? 

A simple, regular social media audit is all it takes to prevent you getting stuck in a rut and becoming just another alert on your members’ phones. 

Take 10 minutes and have a look at how the past week has been across your channels in terms of frequency and content. What was good and what wasn’t? It can make a real difference. 

Next month we’ll be talking about how to measure your impact. Don’t miss it. Sign-up here and do share this article with anyone who you feel needs some social media inspiration. 

If you need more ideas please do join us for our #TweetChat on Tuesday 7th February at 7.30pm to talk about influencer engagement for brand awareness. 

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