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Social Media Influencers: Engaging Influencers to grow your brand

09 February 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Anca Urdea
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Digital influencers are the celebrities of today and can really help your brand. Strategic social media activity and planning should always involve influencer research and engagement. 

What is influencer engagement? 

Consider who your audience are listening too. Who are the thought-leaders, educators, networkers and yes, influencers? 

Social listening is a phrase much used and refers to the art of listening in to digital conversations around your brand but what if you can start and manage these conversations to raise awareness in the right way? 

This is what influencers can help you do and in order to do that you need to research, identify and engage the right influencers. 

What makes a good influencer?

Once you have found someone you believe to be an influencer you can validate this by looking at what content are they sharing? Is this relevant to your users? 

What is their reach and is it authentic or does it look manufactured? 

You can establish this by looking at their engagement rate and interactions. For example, are their followers re-tweeting, liking and sharing their content? You can also check around their social profiles, websites and published content. Do they have authority in their field and with their followers? 

How can you engage an influencer?

Influencer engagement is not just about you. Influencers are thought-leaders and motivated by their brand too, think about what your brand offers them. 

If you are engaging your members in a relevant campaign to the influencer, get the influencer involved. Get them spearheading campaigns and promoting them. If you monitor their content you will know what their motivations are and be able to engage them with similar content. 

It’s a win-win situation. What will your members gain from this influencer? After all, the main purpose of working with influencers is to raise awareness with your members of the work that you are doing. 

Nurture the ongoing relationship with influencers: 

Social media influencers can help to enhance your brand digitally but the relationship can go beyond this, it is always worth thinking about how you can elevate the relationship. Engage them in ways beyond social media. 

An influencer relationship should be win-win. Whilst they help you raise awareness you should also be able to help them keep their profile high by promoting them to your membership. This doesn’t just have to be on social media. 

Ultimately influencers are key to brand awareness and influencer engagement should always form a part of your social media strategy. 

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