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Informatives - Technology for Associations Congress 2015
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Stream A: Event Technology: Engaging with Audiences

  • Event technologies leaving you dazed and confused - VIEW
  • Building delegate engagement into a community - VIEW
  • Q&A Panel - VIEW
  • Extending the reach of your events and learning portfolio: Building insight through data - VIEW
  • Developing your community further: from conference to beyond - VIEW
  • Learning Lab 1: Audience engagement - Engage your attendees with mobile technology and create measurable results - VIEW
  • Learning Lab 5: All your event management software questions answered - And some you hadn't thought about! - VIEW
  • What are the emerging trends in social media and how can you apply these to events and event - VIEW
  • Small but mighty: Driving event bookings through Facebook - VIEW

Stream B: Data & CRM: Better Membership Engagement & Marketing

  • Creating better website content and design: Cost efficient ways to service membership - VIEW
  • Membership email strategies - VIEW
  • Q&A Panel - VIEW
  • Learning Lab 4: Case Study - Driving Attendee Behaviour Through Gamification, Lessons Learned from the Youth Olympic Games - VIEW
  • Understanding your members journey: Using CRM and marketing to make it a seamless experience - VIEW
  • Learning Lab 2: Improving your performance by harnessing the web for member engagement - VIEW
  • CIO perspective: Investment decisions and the future for technology for Associations - VIEW

Stream C: C-suite Challenges: Making the Right Technology Choices

  • Cloud Technology: What is it? What can it do for your Association - VIEW
  • Matching membership needs now and in the future - VIEW
  • Workflow technology: Managing roles and staff resources better to meet your strategic aims - VIEW
  • Enabling your workforce through digital - VIEW

Stream D: E-Learning Models: Strategies for Greater Adoption

  • Identifying the most effective ways of attracting & engaging members through digital channels - VIEW
  • Blending video with other parts of your e-learning strategy - VIEW
  • Learning Lab 6: Best Practice: How the medical society world made it to convince the Industry to support an eLearning Portal powered by a not-for-profit organization - VIEW
  • Q&A Panel - VIEW
  • The E-Portfolio: What the optimum e-learning portfolio looks like - VIEW
  • Monetising content: Building new models of ROI and ownership - VIEW

Stream E: Events, Advanced Tools & the CRM Journey

  • Going beyond traditional event marketing: understanding your data ecosystem - VIEW
  • Extending the reach of your event management technology from basic to a branded and enhanced - VIEW
  • From events to membership service capabilities: making the most of your data - VIEW
  • Digital marketing – understanding where and how to promote your Association - VIEW
  • Learning Lab 7: Overcoming fear of change - Common misconceptions about technology, CRM and your future membership needs - VIEW
  • The Law of 80/20: Getting your CRM Data Right - VIEW

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