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Informatives - International & European Associations Congress 2015
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Stream A: Membership: Developing Members Communities for Sustainability

  • Innovative member recruitment: Techniques for successful recruitment initiatives - VIEW
  • Take your members on your journey, not the other way around - VIEW
  • Membership activisation schemes to create a loyal community of brand advocates - VIEW
  • Inspiring young people: The key to a sustainable Association - VIEW
  • Developing relevant programms for young professionals - VIEW
  • Q&A Panel - VIEW

Stream B: Events: Strategic Alliances & Partnerships

  • What can PCO’s really deliver? Not what can they promise! - VIEW
  • What is the role of the Association when working with a PCO? - VIEW
  • Q&A Panel- VIEW
  • The importance of your role: How to write productive RFP and how to manage the bidding process - VIEW
  • Aligning your sponsors with your event to create a successful partnership - VIEW
  • Learn how to innovate your relationships with event sponsors - VIEW

Stream C: Strategies for Global Growth & Development

  • Inheriting a board: How to conduct a review of governance - VIEW
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – what Shakespeare teaches us about Governance - VIEW
  • How to formulate and execute a growth strategy - VIEW
  • How a network was built to develop and implement standardised education - VIEW
  • Adapting your standards and qualifications locally - VIEW

Stream E: Events: Programme Development & Marketing

  • How to develop and manage programme review committees and advisory boards - VIEW
  • Content is king: How to develop fresh agendas in-house - VIEW
  • Q&A Panel - VIEW
  • What exactly is Content Marketing - VIEW
  • Using your event to develop rich marketing content - VIEW
  • Q&A Panel - VIEW
  • How to effectively use social media pre-,during and post-event - VIEW
  • Community engagement: Using social media to build a community - VIEW
  • Q&A Panel - VIEW

Stream F: Challenges Faced by Medical Associations

  • COMPLIANCE: The Corporate Perspective - VIEW
  • COMPLIANCE: The Association’s Perspective - VIEW
  • Q&A Panel - VIEW
  • Innovation models: What are Associations doing to deliver sponsorable events? - VIEW
  • The future of events for Medical Associations - VIEW
  • Q&A Panel - VIEW
  • Creative Leadership: how EASL transformed its fortunes at 50 - VIEW
  • A systematic approach to development: The challenges of a changing environment - VIEW
  • Q&A Panel - VIEW

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