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Informatives - Association World Congress 2016
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Opening Plenary Session

  • Engaging our future leaders to create long-lasting expertise, knowledge and ethical leadership - VIEW

Stream A: The Association of the Future: Sustainable Associations

  • Developing Leadership Capacities for Organisations to Adapt and Thrive in the 21st Century - VIEW
  • Q&A Panel - VIEW
  • How to make your volunteers active - VIEW
  • Q&A Panel - VIEW
  • Young Boards: Succession planning your leaders of tomorrow - VIEW
  • Good Governance Models: Protect yourself and your members with good governance - VIEW
  • Young Leaders Group feedback - VIEW
  • Q&A Panel - VIEW

Stream B: Events Strategy

  • Creating New Events: How to stand out Internationally - VIEW
  • Safeguard your events and beat the competition: Know your market - VIEW
  • Avoid an event for an events sake: How to ensure first-rate programme development - VIEW
  • How to manage a multifaceted approach to programme development - VIEW

Stream C: Redefining Membership: Where is the Value in the Future?

  • Your Member Journey: Why your members are behaving the way they are - VIEW
  • Are you really the best organisation for your members? Member retention, but only if your worth it! - VIEW
  • Building a Supportive Infrastructure: People, Technology and the Three Step Challenge - VIEW
  • Exploring the Gap Between Projects, People and Change - VIEW
  • In 2026 what membership models will associations have adopted? - VIEW
  • What innovative strategies are on offer for developing membership and value? - VIEW
  • How to apply network thinking to transform your membership - VIEW

Stream D: Associations of the Future: The Changing Boundaries of Associations

  • Where to start: Defining the future of your organisation? - VIEW
  • How to roll out a Global strategy regionally - VIEW
  • Q&A Panel - VIEW
  • Shared Services: Is this an option for the Associations of the future? - VIEW
  • How to navigate the process of the public policy and advocacy - VIEW
  • How video can improve your engagement with members, stakeholders and government - VIEW
  • Short table discussion to prepare questions for the panel - VIEW

Stream E - Events: Build and Engage

  • Insourcing or Outsourcing Conference Management - VIEW
  • How to establish what you do and don’t need from a PCO - VIEW
  • Q&A Panel - VIEW

Stream F: Digital Associations: Have you truly turned digital?

  • Developing the digital platform and strategy - VIEW
  • An Association strategy for the future - VIEW
  • Understanding the digital landscape and how it impacts your association - VIEW
  • A dual strategy to using the power of social media - VIEW
  • Effectively harnessing the digital landscape for your organisation - VIEW
  • How to grow, measure and assess your digital footprint for continuous, respectable impact - VIEW
  • Q&A Panel - VIEW

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